The Top 10 Ways To Break Your Deployments

24 October 2011

On October 12, 2011 I spoke at PASS Summit 2011. I presented a 5-minute “lightning talk” about the Top 10 Ways To Break Your Deployments.

The reason: we all have bad deployment practices.

By mockingly arguing that we all do the worst deployments possible, I can (hopefully) inspire people to change their bad habits.

Here are my notes and slide deck:


A quick script for database permissions

11 October 2011

During SQL Saturday 92 I was asked about how to do easily manage permissions. I am assuming that systems are using application-specific database roles. Database roles are great because they are login-independent and can work in any environment.

I have found that two approaches tend to work quite well.

  1. Script out the necessary permissions per object (table, view, stored procedure). Put it into the same file as the object definition itself, in source control
  2. Have a ‘complete list’ script that lists all permissions, and applies any updates or changes.

I have written a sample ‘complete list’ script, below, that defines permissions in XML, which can then be audited or applied to a database.  

Complete List.sql