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I’m a data scientist, aspiring polymath, and passionately curious about the world.

I’m currently working in Fred Hutch’s Data Core and Data Viz teams. I build systems to empower scientists, enabling and accelerating the pace of research.

I’m a data scientist, data engineer, and jack-of-all-trades developer.

I live in Seattle.


Category Notable Skills
Machine Learning    Deep neural networks, generative adversarial networks, reinforcement learning, recommendation systems, natural language processing, all the common algorithms
Bioinformatics    Galaxy, Bioconductor, FastQC, BWA, BLAST, GATK, MultiQC, Biopython, Scanpy, Seurat, Monocle, Cellranger, Kallisto/kb, STAR
Programming    Python, R, SQL, C#, Java, Bash
Infrastructure   Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, AWS, Google Cloud, Linux, Windows
Databases and storage    PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Redshift, BigQuery, Solr, Elasticsearch, ETL development, Query tuning, dimensional modeling
Distributed Processing    Spark, Redshift, Hadoop/Hive, Kafka, Tensorflow
Data Visualization    Tableau, D3, Seaborn, Plotly, Altair, R tidyverse
Software Engineering   Git, CI/CD, Agile development
Statistics    Bayesian inference, causal inference, time series analysis, experimental design, cross validation
Optimization   genetic algorithms, operations research


Date Company Title
2017-present    Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Principal Data Engineer
2019-present    Seattle University
Advisory Board, Data Science Master’s Program
2014-present    University of Washington
Advisory Board, Data Engineering Certificate Program
2012-2017    University of Washington
Data Scientist
2014-2017    University of Washington
Advisory Board, Data Science Certificate Program
2007-2012    Microsoft
Redmond WA
Senior Software Developer Engineer
Software Development Engineer 2

Speaking & Publication History

International Educational Data Mining Society Increasing Enrollment by Optimizing Scholarship Allocations Using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms
Machine Learning for Education Using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms to Optimize Scholarship Allocation for Student Yield
International Educational Data Mining Society Mining University Registrar Records to Predict First-Year Undergraduate Attrition
AIR 2017
Using Predictive Analytics to Guide Financial Aid Decisions
AIR 2016
Using Predictive Analytics to Guide Retention Interventions
HEDW 2016
Data Science for Student Success

Using Data to Make Decisions

Agile Database Development
Machine Learning for Mere Mortals


Institution Degree or Certification
University of Washington     Data Science Certificate
University of Washington     Bachelor of Science in Informatics
Minor in Mathematics


I have been working with data and math my entire career. I’ve learned a large variety of skills to become a highly competent data scientist, software developer, and engineering team lead.

I have also become proficient in many subject areas: education, cancer biology, economics, music, online advertising, cryptography, and more.

I don’t have a specialty. I am passionately curious.