About Dev

I’m a data scientist, musician, and aspiring polymath. I live in Seattle.

Contact Me

Twitter @DevNambi
Email [email protected]
LinkedIn DevNambi
GitHub https://github.com/DevNambi

Education & Expertise

I have been working with data and statistics since 2005. Since then I have taught myself Python, SQL, machine learning, R, statistics, and much more.

I am passionately curious, and love solving big problems.

Disclaimers, Attribution, Minutae

Opinions and ideas on this blog are mine and do not represent my employer or anybody else. You know, the obvious. I post scripts with my blog posts. You are welcome to use and modify them. Please don’t publish them as your own material.

All of this work is licensed by Dev Nambi under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.