2015, Unfinished

30 December 2015

2015 is at an end. Each year I think on the events and patterns of the year, as a reflective practice. I grow and learn more when I use hindsight to my advantage.

Let’s start with the projects and work I didn’t do. I don’t have regrets, but I don’t if I would make the same choices, either.


As an aspiring polymath, I am always learning something new (and forgetting something old; cache eviction happens to humans too). Sadly, I was not able to learn a few things I aspired to:

Lesson: I didn’t devote significant time to these things. I didn’t even start learning most of them. I always felt I had something more important to do. So the real question is whether my sense of judgment is wise, day-to-day.


When I’m not spending time at work doing data science, I’m doing it at home, on side projects. My life is awesome that way.

Lesson: These projects didn’t get far because I didn’t have the time/inclination to pursue them over other ideas. Several of them, notably around health-care and people’s behavior, are limited by a lack of data that’s easily accessible.


I didn’t update my blog much; I was usually chatting with on Twitter. I did maintain draft blog posts, mostly as a personal knowledgebase.

Lesson: This year I was more intentional about communication, and focused on back-and-forth communication (Twitter) rather than one-way communication (a blog).


A few lessons and changes are apparent from this year.