Joining Fred Hutch

11 May 2018

After my last job, I decided to work somewhere already working to make the world more equitable and just. I am fortunate to be a data scientist and engineer; it gives me the opportunity to work in many places.

I was lucky enough to find, apply for, and get a job as a data engineer at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I’ve lost friends and family to the cancer, the same as everyone else.

My new day job is to build a data ‘commonwealth’, where researchers can upload data, process it, and share it. It is an evolutionary step in data intensive science, after open source scientific computing and open access research. Helping scientists with reproducible research and “building upon the work of others” can dramatically accelerate the pace of scientific discovery. That’s my dream for this job.

My evening plans involve learning about cancer biology, genomics, and bioinformatics. My next career goal is to be both a data scientist and cancer researcher.

I’m hoping to find the time to write, about data engineering, bioinformatics, cancer biology, and more. Stay tuned :)