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I'm a data scientist and aspiring polymath.

Currently I work in the University of Washington's Enterprise Data Analytics team, making the UW more efficient for students and researchers.

Prior to that I was a senior software engineer at Microsoft. My job was the same in both places: help turn data into action.

I'm a research scientist, data engineer and software developer. I've built dozens of systems, conducted experiments, and built databases responsible for billions of dollars in revenue.

I live in Seattle.


Category Experience and Skills
Statistics    Bayesian inference, experimental design, time series analysis, cross-validation, bootstrapping
Machine Learning    supervised and unsupervised learning, neural networks, clustering, recommendation engines, dimension reduction, ensembling, all the usual algorithms
Programming    Python, R, SQL, Java, Powershell, C#, Bash, sed/awk, regular expressions, data structures
Data Visualization    Tableau, D3, ggplot2, ggvis
Software Development   Git, TFS, Agile development, Continuous integration
Databases    SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Relational algebra, Query optimization, dimensional modeling, ETL development
Distributed Processing    Hadoop, Hive/Pig, Cassandra, Dynamo, Mongo, Spark, MLLib, Impala, GraphLab
Infrastructure   AWS stack (S3, EC2, EMR, ELB, SQS), Windows Server, Linux
Optimization   gradient descent, simulated annealing, operations research, genetic algorithms


Date Company Title
2014-present    University of Washington Advisory Board, Data Engineering Certificate Program
2014-present    University of Washington Advisory Board, Data Science Certificate Program
2012-present    University of Washington Data Scientist
2007-2012    Microsoft
Redmond WA
Senior Software Developer Engineer
Software Development Engineer 2
2005-2007    aQuantive, Inc.
Seattle WA
Database Developer 2
Tools Developer
System Administrator
2003-2005    University of Washington
Seattle WA
Network Analyst


I work with many different tools, languages and frameworks. Here's what I've worked with recently...


Services and Tools



Data Stacks

Cloud Products


I have been working with data and statistics since 2005. Since then I have taught myself a large variety of skills to become a prolific software engineer and data scientist.

I have also become proficient in many subject areas: online advertising, educational research, economics, music, and cryptography.

I don’t have a specialty. I am passionately curious.

Speaking & Publication History

Using Data to Make Decisions
Agile Database Development
Puget Sound SQL Server User Group Machine Learning for Mere Mortals
Machine Learning for Mere Mortals
Database Development: Keep It Agile, Not Fragile
Database Development: Keep It Agile, Not Fragile
The Top 10 Ways To Break Your Deployments
Database Development: Keep It Agile, Not Fragile


Date Institution Degree or Certification
2013 University of Washington     Data Science Certificate
2005 University of Washington     Bachelor of Science in Informatics
Minor in Mathematics